Learning with Technology

Research on new forms of learning with innovative technology

My studies in this area analyze the use of innovative technological tools to promote collaboration and communication in learning communities (e.g., Ben-Zvi 2007; Hagani and Ben-Zvi 2009, 2010; Hod and Ben-Zvi 2012; Konja and Ben-Zvi 2008, 2009), and the role of dynamic and interactive technological tools in statistical learning (e.g., Ben-Zvi 2000; Biehler et al. 2012). Future research will be oriented towards constructing a theoretical framework, improving methodologies, as well as creating innovative instructional activities and pedagogies. In particular, I plan to engage in the following research activities:
  1. Design and study the role of technological tools in improving learning and teaching of complex domains in the context of inquiry-based classrooms.
  2. Design and study innovative collaborative technologies that can revolutionize learning processes in collaborative communities by enabling learners' active participation and co-creation of knowledge.