Research groups

The Connections research group is is guided by Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi. it is comprised of faculty and student researchers from the University of Haifa. The Connections project focuses on the study of students' emerging statistical reasoning and argumentation skills within an empirical statistical inquiry cycle. We intend to outline students’ learning processes and development of Informal Inferential Reasoning (IIR) and argumentative skills with a focus on key concepts in IIR.

 The Collaborative on Learning (COOL) Communities Research Group is guided by Prof. Dani Ben-Zvi. It is comprised of faculty and student researchers from the University of Haifa Educational Technologies Program who are interested in learning communities. The group's aim is to make contributions to current research on learning communities, building on the shoulders of giants who have started such terrific work.

A special collaboration is establishes between the collaborative on learning (COOL) communities research group: Yotam Hod, Tamar Novik, Shiri Hagani-Mor, Jacqui Basil- Shachar, Oshra Duek and Guy Hefetz, and the Connections group: Einat gil, Hana Manor, Atar Ron and Keren Aridor. The aim of the collaboration is to create a collaborated learning community that shares activities such as a discussion club base on articles in various subjects (methods, theories, shared contents), triangulation (analyze provided data in order to review hypotheses of researcher), oral presentations of each other work, Review written work, share skills and practices, etc.